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Fun Videos:

Muhammad: The Last Prophet Cartoon (90 min)

The Story of Zamzam (4 min 30 sec)

Speech by a 10 year old Boy To Parents And Grand-Parents on Behalf of Children

8 years old boy who memorized the whole Quran by page number and line

Fun Links:

Arabic 4 Us Totally For Kids

Fun Kids Corner For Kids Only!

Islamic Playground

Islamic Kids Corner

Wathakeer kids

How to recite Quran for Kids

Correct Shape of the Letters Arabic for Children

Color the Letters Arabic for Children

Learning the Arabic Alphabet with Instructor’s Explanation

Arabic Letters Flash Cards Arabic for Children

Kids Media

Qibla Locator Put your address to find the direction of Qibla (Makkah) from any place.

Translate any text into 52 Languages

Play & Learn

Quiz for Kids

What Does Your Name Mean?

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Free Downloads:

Teachers Resources

Tawheed for Children Knowing Allah pdf (3.76 MB)

Increasing Taqwa Daily Taqwa Daily Charts pdf (258 KB)

Learn how to multiply by 11 Quickly and Without a Calculator – PowerPoint (612 KB)

Allah is the Creator pdf (544 KB)

Etiquette and Manners: Eating pdf (1.21 MB)

Etiquette and Manners: Bathroom pdf (657 KB)

Greeting in Islam pdf (941 KB)

Ask Permission before Entering pdf (407 KB)

Pillars of Islam pdf (862 KB)

Make an Eid Card

Prophets’ Tree in Order

Tree of the Prophet Muhammad pdf (280 KB)

A Man born Happy pdf (1.84 MB)

Baba’s Feet / Islamic Body Parts pdf (774 KB)

We are going back to Allah pdf (924 KB)

Prophet Mohammad for Children pdf (737 KB)

Muslims and Western Celebrations pdf (1.3 MB)

Recycle pdf (2.69 MB)

The Arabic Alphabet pdf (3.06 MB)

Duaa’s for Hajj and Other Occasions pdf format (533 KB)

Flash Cards for Hajj pdf format (94 KB)

Hidayah: Pearl of Djibouti pdf (614 KB)

Let’s Learn Our Islam pdf (2.93 MB)

Islam and Ecology pdf (3.24 MB)

A Muslim Reminder PowerPoint Presentation pdf (5.34 MB)

Camelia and Raheem Chapter-Play 1: The Road to Makkah

Camelia and Raheem Chapter-Play 2: The Shaken Hand

More Children’s Books for download FREE

Teachers Resources:

Aqeedah Level 1 Course Teachers Manual pdf (194 KB)

Resources for Teachers and Students